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Realm Studio is available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Installing it is as easy as selecting a version, and downloading and running the installer.


If you want a file type that isn't listed here, such as a .zip file, view the release page for the version you want. You'll find a complete list of installers for each version.


The binaries listed on this page are always the latest version of Realm Studio.

If you open an older version of a realm file in a newer Realm Studio version, you may see a prompt to upgrade your realm file. Once upgraded, you cannot revert to the older file version. You may also need to upgrade your SDK to a version that supports the newer file format.

If you don't want to upgrade Realm Database, download an older version of Realm Studio. You can see a list of all releases at Realm Studio Releases. Click a version number to view a page listing enhancements, fixes, and file downloads.


Download and extract the correct binary for your operating system.

Operating System

Run the executable file. Follow installer instructions.

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