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  • 2022 Releases
  • 2021 Releases
  • Introduced ability to accept null values as optional types in Realm Schema.
  • Added ability to download logs from the UI.
  • Added Flexible Sync support for queries using BETWEEN and the string operators BEGINSWITH, ENDSWITH, CONTAINS.
  • Added Flexible Sync support for queries on arrays of primitives.
  • Performance improvements for Functions, particularly aimed at decreasing the runtime for those dependencies that make external requests.
  • MongoDB Atlas moved to Let's Encrypt as the new Certificate Authority for TLS certificates for all Realm services.
  • Visually refreshed the Schema UI.
  • Introduced Log Forwarding, which automatically stores your application's server-side logs in a MongoDB collection or sends them to an external service.
  • Requests blocked by an application's IP Access List no longer count towards billing.
  • Increased request limit from 3000 requests per second to 5000 requests per second.
  • Allows users to store non-Realm files in the Realm app structure.
  • Updates to documents that do not match an application's schema can now enable Realm Sync for those documents.
  • Introduced the ability to export and re-deploy the most recent 25 deploys.
  • Deprecated the Stitch JS SDK.
  • Released the Trigger Preimages option for GA.
  • Added JWT Authentication support for JWTs with multiple audiences.
  • Introduced support for bi-directional GitHub Autodeploy.
  • Added the ability to link a Github repository on application create.
  • Improves performance of client requests to app servers.
  • Fixes an issue where aggregation pipelines did not support the $set operator.
  • Reduces "Invalid Session" logs.
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