public struct Results<Element> : Equatable, RealmCollectionImpl where Element : RealmCollectionValue
extension Results: RealmSubscribable
extension Results: Encodable where Element: Encodable

Results is an auto-updating container type in Realm returned from object queries.

Results can be queried with the same predicates as List<Element>, and you can chain queries to further filter query results.

Results always reflect the current state of the Realm on the current thread, including during write transactions on the current thread. The one exception to this is when using enumeration, which will always enumerate over the objects which matched the query when the enumeration is begun, even if some of them are deleted or modified to be excluded by the filter during the enumeration.

Results are lazily evaluated the first time they are accessed; they only run queries when the result of the query is requested. This means that chaining several temporary Results to sort and filter your data does not perform any unnecessary work processing the intermediate state.

Once the results have been evaluated or a notification block has been added, the results are eagerly kept up-to-date, with the work done to keep them up-to-date done on a background thread whenever possible.

Results instances cannot be directly instantiated.

  • A human-readable description of the objects represented by the results.



    public var description: String { get }

Object Retrieval

  • Returns the object at the given index.



    public subscript(position: Int) -> Element { get }



    The index.


  • Declaration


    public static func == (lhs: Results<Element>, rhs: Results<Element>) -> Bool


  • A publisher that emits Void each time the collection changes.

    Despite the name, this actually emits after the collection has changed.



    public var objectWillChange: RealmPublishers.WillChange<Results> { get }