LinkingObjects is an auto-updating container type. It represents zero or more objects that are linked to its owning model object through a property relationship.

LinkingObjects can be queried with the same predicates as List<Element> and Results<Element>.

LinkingObjects always reflects the current state of the Realm on the current thread, including during write transactions on the current thread. The one exception to this is when using enumeration, which will always enumerate over the linking objects that were present when the enumeration is begun, even if some of them are deleted or modified to no longer link to the target object during the enumeration.

LinkingObjects can only be used as a property on Object models. Properties of this type must be declared as let and cannot be dynamic.


  • Creates an instance of a LinkingObjects. This initializer should only be called when declaring a property on a Realm model.

  • A human-readable description of the objects represented by the linking objects.

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