public extension SyncTimeoutOptions
  • Memberwise convenience initializer for SyncTimeoutOptions. All values are in milliseconds, and use a default value if nil.



    convenience init(connectTimeout: UInt? = nil,
                     connectionLingerTime: UInt? = nil,
                     pingKeepalivePeriod: UInt? = nil,
                     pongKeepaliveTimeout: UInt? = nil,
                     fastReconnectLimit: UInt? = nil)



    The maximum time to allow for a connection to become fully established. This includes the time to resolve the network address, the TCP connect operation, the SSL handshake, and the WebSocket handshake.


    If session multiplexing is enabled, how long to keep connections open while there are no active session.


    How long to wait between each ping message sent to the server. The client periodically sends ping messages to the server to check if the connection is still alive. Shorter periods make connection state change notifications more responsive at the cost of battery life (as the antenna will have to wake up more often).


    How long to wait for the server to respond to a ping message. Shorter values make connection state change notifications more responsive, but increase the chance of spurious disconnections.


    When a client first connects to the server, it downloads all data from the server before it begins to upload local changes. This typically reduces the total amount of merging needed and gets the local client into a useful state faster. If a disconnect and reconnect happens within the time span of the fast reconnect limit, this is skipped and the session behaves as if it were continuously connected.