• The position of the first element in a non-empty collection. Identical to endIndex in an empty collection.

  • The collection’s “past the end” position. endIndex is not a valid argument to subscript, and is always reachable from startIndex by zero or more applications of successor().

  • The Realm which manages the object.

  • Indicates if the collection can no longer be accessed.

  • Returns true if this collection is frozen

  • Returns a frozen (immutable) snapshot of this collection.

    The frozen copy is an immutable collection which contains the same data as this collection currently contains, but will not update when writes are made to the containing Realm. Unlike live collections, frozen collections can be accessed from any thread.


    This method cannot be called during a write transaction, or when the containing Realm is read-only.


    Holding onto a frozen collection for an extended period while performing write transaction on the Realm may result in the Realm file growing to large sizes. See Realm.Configuration.maximumNumberOfActiveVersions for more information.