Enumeration SubscriptionSetState

Enum representing the state of a SubscriptionSet.

Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

Complete: "complete"

The server has acknowledged the subscription and sent all the data that matched the subscription queries at the time the SubscriptionSet was updated. The server is now in steady-state synchronization mode where it will stream updates as they come.

Error: "error"

The server has returned an error and synchronization is paused for this Realm. To view the actual error, use Subscriptions.error.

You can still use SubscriptionSet.update to update the subscriptions, and if the new update doesn't trigger an error, synchronization will be restarted.

Pending: "pending"

The subscription update has been persisted locally, but the server hasn't yet returned all the data that matched the updated subscription queries.

Superseded: "superseded"

The SubscriptionSet has been superseded by an updated one. This typically means that someone has called SubscriptionSet.update on a different instance of the SubscriptionSet. You should not use a superseded SubscriptionSet, and instead obtain a new instance from Realm.subscriptions.

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