Enumeration NumericLogLevel

Log levels used by Realm

Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

All: 0

Same as 'Trace' but with even more output.

Debug: 2

Reveal information that can aid debugging, no longer paying attention to efficiency.

Detail: 3

Same as 'Info', but prioritize completeness over minimalism.

Error: 6

Be silent unless when there is an error.

Fatal: 7

Be silent unless when an error is fatal.

Info: 4

Reveal information about what is going on, but in a minimalistic fashion to avoid general overhead from logging and to keep volume down.

Off: 8

Be silent.

Trace: 1

A version of 'Debug' that allows for very high volume output.

Warn: 5

Be silent unless when there is an error or a warning.

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