Class ProgressRealmPromise




cancelAndResetTask: any
catch: (<TResult>(onrejected?) => Promise<Realm | TResult>)

Type declaration

createTimeoutPromise: any
emitProgress: any
finally: ((onfinally?) => Promise<Realm>)

Type declaration

    • (onfinally?): Promise<Realm>
    • Parameters

      • Optional onfinally: null | (() => void)

      Returns Promise<Realm>

rejectAsCanceled: any
then: (<TResult1, TResult2>(onfulfilled?, onrejected?) => Promise<TResult1 | TResult2>)

Type declaration


  • get [toStringTag](): string
  • Returns string


  • Cancels the download of the Realm If multiple ProgressRealmPromise instances are in progress for the same Realm, then canceling one of them will cancel all of them.

    Returns void

  • Register to receive progress notifications while the download is in progress.


    • callback: ProgressNotificationCallback

      Called multiple times as the client receives data, with two arguments:

      1. transferred The current number of bytes already transferred
      2. transferable The total number of transferable bytes (i.e. the number of bytes already transferred plus the number of bytes pending transfer)

    Returns this

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