Asymmetric Realm objects are "write-only" objects that are only supported in synchronized realms configured for Flexible Sync.

They are useful in write-heavy scenarios like sending telemetry data. Once the data is sent to the server, it is also automatically deleted on the device.

The benefit of using AsymmetricRealmObject is that the performance of each sync operation is much higher. The drawback is that an AsymmetricRealmObject is synced unidirectional, so it cannot be queried or manipulated once inserted.

Asymmetric objects also has limits on the schema they can support. Asymmetric objects can only link to EmbeddedRealmObjects, not RealmObjects or other asymmetric objects. Neither RealmObjects nor EmbeddedRealmObjects can link to AsymmetricRealmObjects.

It IS possible to combine asymmetric, embedded and standard realm objects in a single io.realm.kotlin.mongodb.sync.SyncConfiguration schema.