interface App

An App is the main client-side entry point for interacting with an Atlas App Services Application.

The App can be used to:

  • Register and authenticate users.

  • Synchronize data between the local device and Atlas using Device Sync.

This can be done as shown below:

    class MyApplication {
val app: App = App.create("<APP_ID>")
val realm: Realm

init {
realm = runBlocking {
val user = app.login(Credentials.anonymous())
val config = SyncConfiguration.Builder(
user = user,
partitionValue = "my-partition"
schema = setOf(YourRealmObject::class),


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object Companion


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abstract val currentUser: User?

Returns the current user that is logged in and still valid.

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Wrapper for interacting with functionality related to users either being created or logged in using the AuthenticationProvider.EMAIL_PASSWORD identity provider.

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abstract val sync: Sync

Returns a Device Sync manager that control functionality across all open realms associated with this app.


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abstract fun allUsers(): Map<String, User>

Returns all known users that are either User.State.LOGGED_IN or User.State.LOGGED_OUT. Only users that at some point logged into this device will be returned.

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Create a Flow of AuthenticationChange-events to receive notifications of updates to all app user authentication states: login, logout and removal.

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abstract fun close()

Close the app instance and release all underlying resources.

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abstract suspend fun login(credentials: Credentials): User

Log in as a user with the given credentials associated with an authentication provider.