interface RealmUUID

A class that represents an immutable universally unique identifier (UUID). A UUID represents a 128-bit value.

UUIDs created with RealmUUID conforms to RFC 4122 version 4 and are created with random bytes.


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object Companion


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abstract val bytes: ByteArray

The UUID represented as a 16 byte array.


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abstract operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean

Two UUIDs are equal if they contain the same value, bit for bit.

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abstract override fun toString(): String

Returns a string that represents the UUID. UUID are represented as 32 hexadecimal (base-16) digits, displayed in five groups separated by hyphens, in the form 8-4-4-4-12 for a total of 36 characters (32 hexadecimal characters and 4 hyphens).