This class represents a polygon on the surface of the earth. It cannot be persisted - i.e you can't declare a Realm property that is of type GeoPolygon. It can be only used as a query argument for a geospatial query.

A GeoPolygon describes a shape represented by 3 or more line segments. It comprises of one outer ring and 0 or more rings representing holes with the following restrictions:

  • Each ring must consist of at least 3 line segments. The first and the last point must be the same to indicate a closed ring (meaning you need at least 4 points to define the polygon).

  • Rings may not cross, i.e. the boundary of a ring may not intersect both the interior and exterior of any other ring.

  • Rings may not share edges, i.e. if a ring contains an edge AB, then no other ring may contain AB or BA.

  • Rings may share vertices, however no vertex may appear twice in a single ring.

  • No ring may be empty.

Holes may be nested inside each other, in which case a location will be considered "inside" the polygon if it is included in an odd number of rings, counting the outer ring as 1. For example, a polygon representing a square with side 10 centered at (0,0) with holes representing squares with sides 5 and 2, centered at (0,0) will include the location (1, 1) because it is contained in 3 rings, but not (3, 3), because it is contained in 2.

Using it can look something like this:

val searchArea = GeoPolygon.create(
outerRing = listOf(
GeoPoint.create(0.0, 0.0),
GeoPoint.create(0.0, 5.0),
GeoPoint.create(5.0, 5.0),
GeoPoint.create(5.0, 0.0),
GeoPoint.create(0.0, 0.0),
holes = arrayOf(listOf(
GeoPoint.create(1.0, 1.0),
GeoPoint.create(1.0, 4.0),
GeoPoint.create(4.0, 4.0),
GeoPoint.create(4.0, 1.0)
val restaurants = realm.query<Restaurant>("location GEOWITHIN $0", searchArea).find()


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object Companion


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abstract val holes: List<List<GeoPoint>>

A list of inner rings, each ring is inside the next.

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abstract val outerRing: List<GeoPoint>

A list of GeoPoints representing the outer ring of the polygon.


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abstract override fun toString(): String

Returns the textual representation of the GeoPolygon, this is also formatting it in a way that makes it usable in queries, e.g.: