@Target(allowedTargets = [AnnotationTarget.FIELD])
annotation class FullText

Annotation marking a property as having a full-text index, which will enable full-text queries on it. Full-text searches are done using the TEXT predicate, e.g.:

realm.query<Person>("bio TEXT 'computer dancing'").find()`

Only String properties can be marked with this annotation and it cannot be combined with the Index and PrimaryKey annotation.

The full-text index currently support this set of features:

  • Token or word search, e.g. bio TEXT 'computer dancing' will find all objects that contains the words computer and dancing in their bio property.

  • Tokens are diacritics- and case-insensitive, e.g.bio TEXT 'cafe dancing' and bio TEXT 'café DANCING' will return the same set of matches.

  • Token prefix search can be done using *, like bio TEXT comp*.

  • Ignoring results with certain tokens are done using -, e.g. bio TEXT 'computer -dancing' will find all objects that contain computer but not dancing.

  • Tokens are defined by a simple tokenizer that uses the following rules:

  • Tokens can only consist of alphanumerical characters from ASCII and the Latin-1 supplement.

  • All other characters are considered whitespace. In particular words using - like full-text are split into two tokens.

Note the following constraints before using full-text search:

  • Token suffix search like bio TEXT '*cing' is not supported.

  • Only ASCII and Latin-1 alphanumerical chars are included in the index (most western languages).

  • Only boolean match is supported, i.e. "found" or "not found". It is not possible to sort results by "relevance" .