Type alias SSLVerifyObject

SSLVerifyObject: {
    acceptedByOpenSSL: boolean;
    depth: number;
    pemCertificate: string;
    serverAddress: string;
    serverPort: number;

Type declaration

  • acceptedByOpenSSL: boolean

    The result of OpenSSL's pre-verification of the certificate. If true, the certificate has been accepted and will generally be safe to trust. If false, it has been rejected and the user should do an independent validation step.

  • depth: number

    The position of the certificate in the certificate chain. The actual server certificate has depth 0 (lowest) and also contains the host name, while all other certificates up the chain have higher depths in increments of 1.

  • pemCertificate: string

    The certificate using the PEM format.

  • serverAddress: string

    The address that the SSL connection is being established to.

  • serverPort: number

    The port that the SSL connection is being established to.

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