Type alias SSLConfiguration

SSLConfiguration: {
    certificatePath?: string;
    validate?: boolean;
    validateCertificates?: SSLVerifyCallback;

Type declaration

  • Optional certificatePath?: string

    The path where to find trusted SSL certificates used to validate the server certificate. If undefined, validation will be delegated to the provided validateCertificates callback.

  • Optional validate?: boolean

    Whether the SSL certificates must be validated. This should generally be true in production.

    Default is true.

  • Optional validateCertificates?: SSLVerifyCallback

    A callback function used to validate the server's SSL certificate. It is invoked for every certificate in the certificate chain starting from the root downward. An SSL connection will be established if all certificates are accepted. The certificate will be accepted if the callback returns true, or rejected if returning false. This callback is only invoked if certificatePath is undefined.

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