Class HttpLogObfuscator

  • public class HttpLogObfuscator
    extends Object
    The HttpLogObfuscator keeps sensitive information from being displayed in Logcat.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpLogObfuscator

        public HttpLogObfuscator​(String feature,
                                 Map<String,​io.realm.internal.log.obfuscator.RegexPatternObfuscator> patternObfuscatorMap)
        Constructor for creating an HTTP log obfuscator.
        feature - the feature to obfuscate, e.g. "providers" for login requests - see LoggingInterceptor.
        patternObfuscatorMap - Map of keys subject to being obfuscated and RegexPatternObfuscators used to determine which obfuscator has to be used for the given feature.
    • Method Detail

      • obfuscate

        public String obfuscate​(List<String> urlSegments,
                                String input)
        Obfuscates a logcat entry or not depending on whether the request being sent matches the specified feature. If it doesn't, the logcat entry will be returned unmodified.
        urlSegments - the URL segments of the request to be sent.
        input - the original logcat entry.
        the logcat entry to be shown in the logcat.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
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