Realm C++ SDK Version v1.1.0
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realm::object_change< T > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

using underlying = T

Public Attributes

const T * object
 The object being observed.
bool is_deleted = false
 The object has been deleted from the Realm.
std::exception_ptr error
std::vector< PropertyChange< T > > property_changes

Member Data Documentation

◆ error

template<typename T >
std::exception_ptr realm::object_change< T >::error

If an error occurs, notification blocks are called one time with an error result and an std::exception containing details about the error. Currently the only errors which can occur are when opening the Realm on a background worker thread to calculate the change set. The callback will never be called again after error is delivered.

◆ property_changes

template<typename T >
std::vector<PropertyChange<T> > realm::object_change< T >::property_changes

One or more of the properties of the object have been changed.

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