Realm C++ SDK Version v2.0.1
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realm::internal::bridge::table Struct Reference

Public Types

using underlying = TableRef

Public Member Functions

 table (const table &other)
tableoperator= (const table &other)
 table (table &&other)
tableoperator= (table &&other)
 table (const TableRef &)
 table (const ConstTableRef &)
 operator TableRef () const
 operator ConstTableRef () const
col_key get_column_key (const std::string_view &name) const
uint32_t get_key () const
std::string get_name () const
obj create_object_with_primary_key (const mixed &key) const
obj create_object (const obj_key &obj_key={}) const
table get_link_target (const col_key col_key) const
link_chain get_link (const col_key col_key) const
bool is_embedded () const
struct query query (const std::string &, const std::vector< mixed > &) const
struct query where () const
void remove_object (const obj_key &) const
obj get_object (const obj_key &) const
bool is_valid (const obj_key &) const

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< TableRef > m_table

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