Realm C++ SDK Version v2.0.0
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realm::internal::bridge::sync_session Struct Reference

Public Types

enum class  state {
  active , dying , inactive , waiting_for_access_token ,
enum class  connection_state { disconnected , connecting , connected }

Public Member Functions

enum state state () const
enum connection_state connection_state () const
void wait_for_upload_completion (std::function< void(status)> &&callback)
void wait_for_download_completion (std::function< void(status)> &&callback)
std::future< void > wait_for_upload_completion ()
std::future< void > wait_for_download_completion ()
void pause ()
void resume ()
void reconnect ()
uint64_t observe_connection_change (std::function< void(enum connection_state old_state, enum connection_state new_state)> &&callback)
void unregister_connection_change_observer (uint64_t token)
 operator std::weak_ptr< SyncSession > ()


struct internal::bridge::realm

Member Function Documentation

◆ observe_connection_change()

uint64_t realm::internal::bridge::sync_session::observe_connection_change ( std::function< void(enum connection_state old_state, enum connection_state new_state)> &&  callback)

Registers a callback that is invoked when the underlying sync session changes its connection state

◆ pause()

void realm::internal::bridge::sync_session::pause ( )

Temporarily suspend syncronization and disconnect from the server.

The session will not attempt to connect to Atlas App Services until resume is called or the Realm file is closed and re-opened.

◆ reconnect()

void realm::internal::bridge::sync_session::reconnect ( )

Request an immediate reconnection to the server if the session is disconnected.

Realm automatically reconnects after disconnects with an exponential backoff, which is reset when the reachability handler reports a network status change. In some scenarios an application may wish to skip the reconnect delay, such as when an application receives a wake from background notification, which can be done by calling this method. Calling this method is never required.

This method is asynchronous and merely skips the current reconnect delay, so the connection state will still normally be disconnected immediately after calling it.

Has no effect if the session is currently connected.

◆ resume()

void realm::internal::bridge::sync_session::resume ( )

Resume syncronization and reconnect to Atlas App Services after suspending.

This is a no-op if the session was already active or if the session is invalid. Newly created sessions begin in the Active state and do not need to be resumed.

◆ unregister_connection_change_observer()

void realm::internal::bridge::sync_session::unregister_connection_change_observer ( uint64_t  token)

Unregister a previously registered notifier. If the token is invalid, this method does nothing.

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