Realm C++ SDK Version v2.0.0
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realm::internal::bridge::sync_error Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 sync_error (const sync_error &other)
sync_erroroperator= (const sync_error &other)
 sync_error (sync_error &&other)
sync_erroroperator= (sync_error &&other)
 sync_error (SyncError &&)
std::unordered_map< std::string, std::string > user_info () const
std::vector< compensating_write_error_infocompensating_writes_info () const
status get_status () const
bool is_fatal () const
std::string_view message () const
 A consolidated explanation of the error, including a link to the server logs if applicable.
bool is_client_reset_requested () const
 The error indicates a client reset situation.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compensating_writes_info()

std::vector< compensating_write_error_info > realm::internal::bridge::sync_error::compensating_writes_info ( ) const

If this error resulted from a compensating write, this vector will contain information about each object that caused a compensating write and why the write was illegal.

◆ user_info()

std::unordered_map< std::string, std::string > realm::internal::bridge::sync_error::user_info ( ) const

A dictionary of extra user information associated with this error. If this is a client reset error, the keys for c_original_file_path_key and c_recovery_file_path_key will be populated with the relevant filesystem paths.

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