Realm C++ SDK Version v2.0.1
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realm::internal::bridge::realm::config Struct Reference

Public Types

enum class  schema_mode : uint8_t {
  automatic , immutable , read_only , soft_reset_file ,
  hard_reset_file , additive_discovered , additive_explicit , manual

Public Member Functions

 config (const config &other)
configoperator= (const config &other)
 config (config &&other)
configoperator= (config &&other)
 config (const RealmConfig &)
 config (const std::string &path, const std::shared_ptr< struct scheduler > &scheduler)
std::string path () const
struct sync_config sync_config () const
std::shared_ptr< struct schedulerscheduler ()
 operator RealmConfig () const
void set_path (const std::string &)
void set_schema (const std::vector< object_schema > &)
void set_schema_mode (schema_mode)
void set_scheduler (const std::shared_ptr< struct scheduler > &)
void set_sync_config (const std::optional< struct sync_config > &)
void set_custom_http_headers (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &headers)
void set_proxy_config (const sync_config::proxy_config &)
void set_schema_version (uint64_t version)
void set_encryption_key (const std::array< char, 64 > &)
void should_compact_on_launch (std::function< bool(uint64_t total_bytes, uint64_t unused_bytes)> &&fn)
std::optional< schemaget_schema ()
template<typename T >
void set_client_reset_handler (const client_reset_mode_base< T > &handler)
enum client_reset_mode get_client_reset_mode () const

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