Realm C++ SDK Version v2.1.0
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realm::internal::bridge::mixed Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 mixed (const mixed &other)
mixedoperator= (const mixed &other)
 mixed (mixed &&other)
mixedoperator= (mixed &&other)
 mixed (const std::string &)
 mixed (const std::monostate &)
 mixed (const int &)
 mixed (const int64_t &)
 mixed (const double &)
 mixed (const bool &)
 mixed (const struct uuid &)
 mixed (const struct object_id &)
 mixed (const struct decimal128 &)
 mixed (const struct timestamp &)
 mixed (const struct obj_link &)
 mixed (const struct obj_key &)
 mixed (const struct binary &)
 mixed (const Mixed &)
template<typename T >
 mixed (const std::optional< T > &o)
 operator std::string () const
 operator int64_t () const
 operator double () const
 operator bool () const
 operator bridge::uuid () const
 operator bridge::object_id () const
 operator bridge::decimal128 () const
 operator bridge::timestamp () const
 operator bridge::obj_link () const
 operator bridge::obj_key () const
 operator bridge::binary () const
 operator Mixed () const
data_type type () const noexcept
bool is_null () const noexcept


bool operator== (const mixed &, const mixed &)
bool operator!= (const mixed &, const mixed &)
bool operator> (const mixed &, const mixed &)
bool operator< (const mixed &, const mixed &)
bool operator>= (const mixed &, const mixed &)
bool operator<= (const mixed &, const mixed &)

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