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realm::internal::bridge::dictionary Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 dictionary (const dictionary &other)
dictionaryoperator= (const dictionary &other)
 dictionary (dictionary &&other)
dictionaryoperator= (dictionary &&other)
 dictionary (const Dictionary &v)
 operator Dictionary () const
void insert (const std::string &key, const mixed &value)
void insert (const std::string &key, const std::string &value)
size_t size () const
void remove_all ()
void remove (const std::string &)
std::pair< std::string, mixedget_pair (size_t)
size_t get_key_index (const std::string &)
void clear ()
size_t find (const std::string &)
obj insert_embedded (const std::string &)
notification_token add_notification_callback (std::shared_ptr< collection_change_callback > &&cb)
notification_token add_key_based_notification_callback (std::shared_ptr< dictionary_callback_wrapper > &&cb)


Dictionary * get_dictionary (dictionary &lst)
const Dictionary * get_dictionary (const dictionary &lst)
template<typename T >
get (dictionary &, const std::string &)

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