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Ops Manager collects and displays metrics for your servers, databases, and MongoDB processes in your deployments. All hardware metrics include metrics or individual charts for maximum values.


Ops Manager can only collect hardware metrics if you have enabled an automation agent. A monitoring agent can only collect database metrics.

Monitor deployment metrics to identify performance issues and determine whether your current deployment meets your requirements. To learn more about the metrics available to monitor your deployments, see Review Available Metrics.

You can view metrics in the following ways:

Replica Sets
View the metrics for a specific replica set in a project.
Sharded Clusters
View the metrics for a specific sharded cluster in a project.
MongoDB Processes
View the metrics for a specific MongoDB process in an Ops Manager cluster.
Real-Time Performance
View real-time performance metrics for a specific Ops Manager deployment in a project.

You can monitor the following metrics to quickly gauge the health of your deployment.


Number that indicates the total active connections to the deployment.

Monitor connections to determine whether the current connection limits are sufficient.

To learn more, see Fix Lost Primary.


Number that indicates the input operations per second.

Monitor whether disk IOPS approaches the maximum provisioned IOPS. Determine whether the cluster can handle future workloads.

To learn more, see Fix IOPS Issues and Fix Lost Primary.

Query Targeting

Number that indicates the efficiency of read operations run on MongoDB.

Monitor query targeting metrics to identify inefficent queries.

To learn more, see Fix Query Issues.

Normalized System CPU

Number that indicates CPU usage of all processes on the node, scaled to a range of 0-100% by dividing by the number of CPU cores.

Monitor CPU usage to determine whether data is retrieved from disk instead of memory.

To learn more, see Fix IOPS Issues, Fix Lost Primary, and Fix CPU Usage Issues.

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