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Configure a Network Connection

After creating your cluster, Atlas directs you to a page called Security Quickstart. In the previous guide, we completed the first section, which added a user to the database.

In this guide, you will configure a network connection with the last section of the page.

Time required: 2 minutes


In the Where would you like to connect from? section, select the box labeled My Local Environment.


In the box labeled Add entries to your IP Access List, click Add My Current IP Address.


Now, you see your IP address at the bottom of the box.


After clicking the Finish and Create button at the bottom of the page, you see the following modal:


If you successfully completed the procedure in this guide, you have configured a network connection and finished the Security Quickstart.

In the next guide, you will load our sample data into your cluster.

What's Next
Load Sample Data
5 mins

Load our sample data into your cluster to quickly get started experimenting with data in MongoDB.

Start Guide
Chapter 1
  • Sign Up for a MongoDB Account
  • Create a Cluster
  • Add a Database User
  • Configure a Network Connection
  • Load Sample Data
  • Get Connection String
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