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Export Saved Connections in Compass

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You can export saved connections in MongoDB Compass. Colleagues can import your saved connections, or you can use them in your other workspaces.

When you export saved connections, Compass exports the list of connections as a JSON file.

By default, when you export saved connections, passwords are included in plaintext. To protect sensitive connection information, encrypt the exported file with a passphrase.

To export encrypted saved connections with Compass:


On the Connect screen, hover over Saved Connections in the left-side navigation and click the Ellipses (...) button.


In the Export saved connections dialog box, select the connection names you want to export.


Under Target File, click Select a file... to specify the output file destination.


Optional. Toggle Remove secrets to omit passwords, access tokens, and other sensitive information from the exported file.

If you select Remove secrets, you cannot specify an encryption password.


Optional. Specify an Encryption Password to encrypt passwords, access tokens, and other sensitive information.

If you do not encrypt the export file, passwords are exported in plaintext. Only export unencrypted connections if no other users will have access to the exported file.


Click Export to export your saved connections to a JSON file.

To learn how to import saved connections, see Import Saved Connections in Compass.

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