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Remove a Schema

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  • Overview
  • Procedure
  • Navigate to the Collection Schema Screen
  • Remove the Schema for a Collection
  • Remove All Schemas

When you make breaking changes to your schema, you must remove the existing schema. You must do this after you terminate Atlas Device Sync and before you re-enable it.

This guide shows you how to remove the schema.


In the left navigation menu, click Schema beneath Data Access to open the schema editor. Atlas App Services scans your linked cluster for existing collections and lists them on the left side of the schema editor.

By default, you see all the collections in your linked Atlas cluster. Any collection that has a schema shows a bolded name in this list, while a collection with no schema shows a light-gray, italicized name.

From here, you can remove the schema for a single collection, or remove the schema for all collections.

  1. Hover over the collection name, and a ... menu appears.

  2. When you click this ... element, you get two options. One of them is to Delete Schema from this Collection. Choose this option.

  3. A modal pops up asking you to confirm that you want to delete the schema for the collection. Press the Delete button.

  4. If you have already terminated Device Sync, App Services deletes the schema. If you have not yet terminated Device Sync, a modal displays, letting you know that this is a destructive change and clients will experience a Client Reset. If you'd like to continue, press the Save Changes & Reinitialize Sync.

At this point, the collection no longer has a schema, and you can choose to generate a schema or enable Development Mode.


If breaking changes impact multiple collections and you don't want to remove the schema collection-by-collection, you may remove all the schemas in a linked Atlas cluster.

The first item in the Collections pane is the name of the linked data source. You can see a ... menu next to the name.

  1. Select the ... element.

  2. You can see a few options; the last of which is Delete Schemas from All Collections. Select this option.

  3. A modal pops up asking you to confirm that you want to delete all schemas for the data source. Press the Delete button.

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