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MongoDB and Accenture: Partnering for Progress

Accenture and MongoDB are committed to enabling organizations to leverage the power of data to gain a competitive edge.


Leading value-driven modernization with a cloud-first principle

Accenture believes in the promise of technology and human ingenuity. As a global technology leader, Accenture helps organizations realize their true potential and creates 360-degree value through data, analytics and AI innovation. Accenture offers a host of strategic and technical capabilities like Data Transformation, Analytics, AI, Data Management, along with vertical-focused turnkey solutions.

Together, MongoDB and Accenture provide unparalleled expertise to help customers modernize their environments—and adopt a cloud-first approach throughout their organization. As the cloud becomes more critical to managing data at scale, our partnership helps enterprises unlock data from legacy data warehouses and lakes and build new applications faster. Through a combination of MongoDB's data-centric tools and Accenture's technical knowledge, customers can utilize our innovative solutions to adapt to the rapidly evolving business landscape—and retain a competitive edge.

Check out this video featuring MongoDB CTO Mark Porter and Accenture’s global lead of software engineering Michael Ljung as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing. Learn about the value of the cloud, and how organizations can modernize, innovate, and grow for the future.

Take your organization to the next level

Lift and shift

Take your organization from a self-managed cloud to a multi-cloud continuum, meeting modern storage needs while still preserving traditional enterprise capabilities.

Legacy modernization

Reimagine legacy monolithic applications to harness the true potential of the cloud and accelerate your transition to modern architectures.

Modern application development

Build applications that can handle customer traffic and key user needs.

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