Accenture & MongoDB Partner to Help Customers Move From Legacy DBs to MongoDB Atlas in the Cloud

Prasad Pillalamarri and Ravi Vedantam


As part of the Data on Cloud initiative, Accenture has developed an Accelerator named Smart Data Mover (SDM). SDM is a toolkit designed to transition data from on-premise data warehouses to cloud data repositories. MongoDB and Accenture are excited to announce that SDM now has the capability to move data from RDBMS to MongoDB Atlas in the cloud. Accenture and MongoDB are long-standing, strategic partners and this investment is another addition to our toolkit to help joint customers.

Accenture sees growing demand from companies for solutions that can easily migrate applications and data migrations to the cloud. Our Smart Data Mover solution accelerates this process for moving data into MongoDB and other target platforms. We continue to invest in the Smart Data Mover application and look forward to expanding our capabilities using MongoDB as a target platform.

Shail Jain, Global Managing Director, Data & AI at Accenture

Our customers are investing in a new approach to manage data: Data as a Service & Data Decoupling. This strategic initiative focuses on consolidating and organizing enterprise data in one place, most often on the cloud, and then making it available to serve digital projects across the enterprise. MongoDB Atlas unlocks data from legacy systems to drive new applications and digital systems, without the need to disrupt existing backends as you modernize and migrate to the cloud. With the MongoDB capability added to SDM, MongoDB and Accenture allow organizations to get the most out of their data.

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