MongoDB Atlas Features

Global Clusters

Architecting your database to support application reliability and redundancy, low-latency access for users everywhere, and compliance with emerging data regulations can be both complex and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

MongoDB Atlas, our fully managed service, gives your teams an elegant solution to overcome these challenges and more, allowing you to scale your database across data centers and regions with just a few clicks. With Atlas, you can build the database to support the next global phenomenon in minutes.

Always On.

No downtime should be a no brainer. Each database you deploy with MongoDB Atlas is resilient to infrastructure and data center failures by default, backed by an uptime SLA.

Automated resilience

Atlas automatically distributes the instances in your replica set evenly across the availability zones within your selected cloud region — just another thing you no longer need to do yourself. Should an incident occur, Atlas will automatically perform a failover in seconds with no need for manual intervention.

Multi-region fault tolerance

Need even better availability guarantees? Atlas allows you to easily distribute your database across multiple cloud regions so your data is always available, even in the unlikely event of a full region outage.

Global Low-Latency Performance Made Simple

MongoDB Atlas takes the complexity out of providing fast read and write access to globally distributed applications and end users all over the world.

Data proximity

With Atlas, sophisticated policies that dictate how your data is geographically positioned can be created in minutes. At the click of a button, you can optimize your application experience by placing the most relevant data near local application servers and end users, ensuring low-latency reads and writes.

Workload isolation

With MongoDB Atlas, you can easily split various functional workloads across the instances in your database cluster and ensure that resource intensive use cases — such as analytics or reporting — don’t impact the performance for your end users.

Single logical database

Dramatically simplify the deployment and management of your data platform. Provide a responsive application experience to globally distributed users and support multiple functional workloads without compromising performance, all from a single fully automated database.

React without interruption

Whether you’re experiencing higher than expected demand in an existing region or discovering a concentration of users in an entirely new market, Atlas allows you to rapidly modify your data layer to meet new requirements. Simply update your configuration and Atlas will automatically move data where it needs to be.

Address Data Privacy Requirements

Data privacy laws are becoming increasingly strict across the globe. MongoDB Atlas helps you comply with both existing and future regulatory policies.

Data isolation

Pin data to distinct partitions or shards of your database with document-level granularity. Atlas automates the process of isolating data that’s subject to regulations within specified geographic boundaries, allowing you to more easily meet data sovereignty requirements.

MongoDB Atlas Compliance

MongoDB Atlas has been independently audited and confirmed to meet privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy, and security. In addition to being GDPR-ready, its international data transfer mechanisms are certified under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.

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