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MongoDB Atlas is the only true global, multi-cloud database. Choose from over 60 cloud regions across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Push the Limits—With No Limitations

Avoid vendor lock-in with cross-cloud mobility.
With MongoDB Atlas, you have the freedom to choose the cloud partner and ecosystem that fit your business strategy. Leverage unique services and integrations that make sense for your application’s current functionality and future development.

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Take advantage of Amazon’s massive portfolio of cloud services and partners, including:
Extend the value of your Microsoft investments and integrate with Azure services such as:
Build cutting-edge applications with popular open source tools and services on GCP, including:

MongoDB Atlas gives us the ability to run our database on multiple clouds through the same service. With Atlas, we have the freedom from lock-in—each client can choose where they are the most comfortable hosting their data.

Gary Hoberman, CEO and Founder, Unqork

Reach your audiences, wherever they are

MongoDB Atlas provides recommended global cluster configurations so you can deliver a great experience to all your users around the world.
When you’re ready to expand and reach new customer markets, MongoDB Atlas scales with you. At a click of a button, place the most relevant data near local application servers to ensure low-latency reads and writes. Isolate functional workloads to ensure that resource intensive use cases—such as analytics and reporting—don’t impact the performance for your end users.

The advantage of building on MongoDB Atlas is that it allows us to expand globally without significant time investments from our team. As our user base expands, the ability to take advantage of multi-region replication to maintain this level of service will be incredibly valuable.

Pepijn Schoen, CTO, Voya

We had international expansion in mind from the outset. If we were to do this on AWS and self-manage the database with our current resources, we would have to invest a significant amount of effort into orchestrating and maintaining a globally distributed database. MongoDB Atlas with its cross-region capabilities makes this all much easier.

Chaitanya Peddi, Co-founder and Head of Product, DarwinBox

We’ve pretty much doubled the size of the business in the last two to three years. We bought a ticketing company in Malaysia. We’ve got a joint venture in China. One of the best things we did was move to Atlas.

Matt Cudworth, CTO, Ticketek

Meet Data Sovereignty Requirements

MongoDB Atlas has been independently audited and confirmed to meet compliance standards for data safety, privacy, and security.
EU-US Privacy Shield

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