Unleash your Charts Dashboards with Link Sharing

MongoDB Charts now allows you to share dashboards via a public link, allowing people who are not members of your Atlas project to view your visualizations.

MongoDB Charts has always given you fine-grained control over who can view your visualizations. New dashboards can initially only be accessed by their creator, who can later decide to open them up to select individuals or to everybody in their Atlas project.

While this works well in most cases, one key limitation has been that dashboards could only be shared with people who were members of the Atlas project containing Charts. Even with the variety of different user roles that Atlas provides, sometimes it isn’t desirable or practical to invite everyone who might want to look at a dashboard to be an Atlas project member.

Link Sharing for all

To address this scenario, we’re excited to announce that Charts now allows you to share a dashboard via a public link. Link sharing can be enabled for any dashboard using the same ACCESS button which is used by dashboard owners to grant permission to authenticated users.

Dashboard Permissions in Charts

The dashboard can then be viewed by anyone who has been sent the link, using a cut-down user interface providing a read-only view of the dashboard without any need for user authentication.

A Shared Charts Dashboard

Dashboard link sharing is a great option whenever you want to share a dashboard with a wide audience, or if you want to display a dashboard on a shared device like a big screen in a work area. However, since this feature does not require user authentication, you should be careful to protect the shared dashboard URLs and avoid using this feature for sensitive data.

Managed Sources Secure Sensitive Information

To help prevent leakage of sensitive information, data source owners remain in control over whether data from a given data source can be displayed on a dashboard shared via a public link. Every data source has an option where the owner can configure external sharing settings—this is the same setting used to govern whether a data source can be used in an embedded chart. External sharing is disabled by default, and data source owners must explicitly allow anonymous external access before charts can render via the shared link.

The combination of traditional sharing to specific individual users, and the option to share dashboards via a public link, will make it even easier for you to collaborate with your team and share your charts with your target audience. Who knows, your dashboards may even go viral!

To get started with MongoDB Charts for free, sign up for MongoDB Atlas, deploy a cluster and choose the Charts link from the left-hand navigation bar in your Atlas console.