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Embedded analytics. Powerful, in-app visualizations.

Enrich your applications with a data visualization solution that is integrated with your database — no need to use complex charting libraries.

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Fully integrated with MongoDB Atlas

Empower and engage your users with relevant data when and where they need it. Charts provides seamless embedded analytics functionality that frees you up to focus on the end user experience, not the infrastructure behind it.

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A flexible, developer-first experience

There’s no need to deal with database connections, queries, or complex charting libraries. Atlas Charts lets you embed charts and dashboards without code via iFrame or via SDK for richer customization and interactivity.

Bring data to your users

Add high-quality, real-time analytics to your apps and products. Tailor your visualizations to customer needs with a wide range of options, including dynamic filters, light/dark mode, chart sizing, and refresh interval selection.

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High performance plus strong security

Personalize app analytics and visualizations — without sacrificing security or efficiency. Atlas Charts features workload isolation to retrieve data without impacting operational performance. In addition, you can protect data by authorizing viewing privileges by profile or filtering by user roles.

Feature overview

How to use Embedded Analytics

Atlas Charts offers several methods for embedding data visualizations into your applications. Learn more about each method to find out what works best for your needs.
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Embedding a chart or dashboard via iFrame
Options for iFrame customization include sizing, chart refresh rate, and display theme selection.
Filtering through the SDK
Using our SDK to embed charts and dashboards gives you even more customization options, including dynamic filters, sizing, and style, plus on-demand refresh.
Handling click events with the embedding SDK
Use the click event handler to build interactive experiences into your embedded charts and dashboards. Clicking an element on a chart or dashboard can open more details on the clicked element, highlight the element, or create a filter for another chart.


Learn more about MongoDB’s embedded analytics.

Start using Embedded Analytics today

MongoDB Charts is the best way to create, share, and embed data visualizations from MongoDB Atlas. Get started by deploying a free Atlas cluster and activating Charts.
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  • No ETL or API required
  • No-code support
  • Integrated into Charts
  • SDK available