MongoDB Atlas Update: Cloud Provider Snapshots on Azure & Expanded API

Leo Zheng


One of the core components of MongoDB Atlas, the cloud database service for MongoDB, is the fully managed disaster recovery functionality. With continuous backups, you can take consistent, cluster-wide snapshots of sharded deployments and trigger point-in-time restores to satisfy demanding recovery point objectives (RPOs) from the business. Continuous backups also allow you to query backup snapshots to restore granular data in a fraction of the time it would take to restore an entire snapshot.

Today we’re making it even easier to manage your backups with an expanded Atlas API. Programmatically get metadata about your snapshots, delete them, or change their expiration. Trigger restore jobs and retrieve them. The MongoDB Atlas API allows you to incorporate the rich functionality of Atlas fully managed backups into workflows optimized for how you manage your IT resources.

Visit our documentation for more information.

Cloud Provider Snapshots for Azure

We are also introducing a new type of managed backup service for MongoDB Atlas, using the native snapshot capabilities of your cloud provider. With cloud provider snapshots, your backups will be stored in the same cloud region as your managed databases, granting you better governance over where all of your data lives.

For deployments using cross-region replication, your backups will be stored in your preferred region.

Compared to continuous backups, cloud provider snapshots allow for fast restores of snapshot images. Pricing, which varies slightly from region to region, is also lower.

Cloud provider snapshots are available today for replica sets on Microsoft Azure. Support for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform will be rolled out later this year.

If you’re considering switching backup methods (from continuous backup to cloud provider snapshots), consider creating a separate project in MongoDB Atlas. For each Atlas project, the first cluster you enable backups for will dictate the backup method for all subsequent clusters in the project. To change the backup method within the same the project, disable backups for all clusters in the project, then re-enable backups using your preferred backup methodology. MongoDB Atlas automatically deletes any stored snapshots when you disable backups for a cluster.

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