MongoDB Charts is now Generally Available!

Tom Hollander

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This is just one of the announcements made today as part of our CTO's keynote. Watch Eliot's keynote to find out how it fits with our other announcements and vision for a data platform.

Today at MongoDB World in New York, we announced the General Availability of MongoDB Charts, the quickest and easiest way to build visualizations over your MongoDB data.

Visualizing data using charts, maps, and tables is one of the best ways to make that data accessible to all and unlocking the insights within it. A collection of a million documents may be detailed and accurate, but doesn’t on its own tell stories about trends, outliers or anomalies. Even a simple bar or line chart over that data can unlock its secrets.

MongoDB Charts demonstrated at the MongoDB World 2019 Keynote

While there are a range of data visualization tools to choose from, many MongoDB users have found that these don’t fully meet their needs. Most have been designed for relational databases and struggle to understand JSON data with flexible schema and nested objects. Some tools require that data is flattened, loaded into another database, or manipulated with custom code.

We built MongoDB Charts as a “no compromise” data visualization tool for MongoDB users. It works directly with MongoDB, natively understands JSON data, and requires no additional integration or development work. Charts is integrated with MongoDB Atlas, allowing you to build visualizations in seconds. For full control over the deployment, you can also install Charts onto a server in your own environment.

MongoDB Charts in Action

If you’ve been using Charts in beta over the past few months, you would have already experienced many of its great features, including:

  • Ability to build common chart types, including bar, line, scatter, heatmaps, tables and number charts
  • Support for the MongoDB document model, including nested documents and arrays
  • Arranging charts onto dashboards
  • Sharing dashboards with your team

With our latest release for both Atlas and on-premises users, we added a range of exciting new capabilities including:

You can see some of these features in action in this quick video demo.

If you’re a MongoDB Atlas user, you can get going with Charts right away! Simply click the Charts link in the left navigation menu of your Atlas project to get started. If you’ve been using Charts beta, your existing dashboards and charts have already been upgraded to the latest version.

If you’re using MongoDB Enterprise Server on-premises, you can download and run Charts on a local server via Docker. If you’ve been using Charts beta, you can upgrade from the old version without losing your charts—just follow the steps in the installation instructions.

We’re really excited to have hit the GA milestone, but we’re not done yet. We have a roadmap of useful features and innovative enhancements. Over the coming months we'll be revealing our work on them and how they make Charts even better.

If you’re after more information, check out the Charts home page, the documentation and pricing information. You can also suggest new features on our product improvement board.

Happy Charting!