MongoDB Atlas Users Get New Support And Backup Options

Leo Zheng


With new options for Atlas support and more customisation for Cloud Provider Snapshot backups, MongoDB Atlas keeps on improving the experience for developers and administrators looking to deliver better value.

Atlas Developer Streamlines Support

There’s a new support option for MongoDB Atlas users, Atlas Developer. We’ve been listening to our customers who run small to mid-range deployments on Atlas. What we heard was a desire for a SLA-backed support plan accessible to users with smaller workloads.

In response to that need, we’ve created the Atlas Developer plan. The Atlas Developer plan delivers end to end support with a guaranteed response times based on severity. That means not only support for operational issues but also advice on data best practices, new feature setup, scaling, sharding and performance optimization. The price is synchronized with your Atlas consumption: Atlas Developer costs 20% of your monthly Atlas usage or a minimum of $49. To help you get started, the first 30 days of Atlas Developer are free.

Creating the Atlas Developer option has involved streamlining the wider support process. This includes changes for customers without a support plan, including customers using our M0 free tier clusters. Our experience has shown us that support for platform and operational issues can often be easily and quickly addressed through the in-application chat system. With this in mind, customers without a support plan will no longer be able to open tickets in the support portal. Instead, we are directing them to the in-application chat system as the fastest way to raise issues and queries.

Like our existing Atlas support offerings, Atlas Developer includes 24/7 support, in-app chat, and support portal access. For mature applications and users in production, the Atlas Pro plan provides a two-hour response time SLA, phone support, emergency escalation, proactive health checks and customer success management. Consult the support policy for the details.

The design of the new streamlined support portfolio gives you the right mix of tools and access to expertise so you can be successful with MongoDB in the cloud and optimize performance while keeping costs under control. Atlas Developer plans are available now - select Support in the MongoDB Atlas UI to be taken to the plan selection.

Backup Policy Control For Cloud Provider Snapshots

Cloud Provider Snapshots allow your M10 and bigger Atlas clusters to be backed up using the snapshot capabilities of the cloud provider hosting your clusters. It’s a fast and efficient way of creating backups and when we introduced it, we set it to take a snapshot every 24 hours. With our latest releases, we have brought flexibility to snapshot scheduling and added the ability to schedule snapshots and control their retention.

The new functionality can be found in the Backup Policy Editor. By default, snapshots are taken on a 6-hourly cycle, every day, once a week and once a month - in combination with the retention policy and over the course of a year that makes a total of 31 snapshots. The editor allows you to configure the time of day when daily, weekly and monthly snapshots are taken, set the frequency of the hourly backup option, the day of the week the weekly snapshot is taken and the day of the month when the monthly snapshot is taken. Each setting also comes with control for retention time of the snapshots, allowing users to comply easily with privacy regulations as they relate to backups.

It's also possible to add more backup cycles by selecting "Add Frequency Unit". The editor includes an estimate of how many snapshots would exist on an ongoing basis to make budget estimation simpler. With these options, Cloud Provider Snapshots now provides a more customizable experience for creating backups that suit your needs.