MongoDB Atlas in the Middle East

Leo Zheng


When we say we are the database you can use anywhere, we mean it. That's why we've extended our reach into the MENA region - MENA, Middle East/North Africa, first with our Dubai office and now with two new locations for your Atlas clusters. Now your fully managed databases can be hosted in Azure's Dubai region and AWS's newly opened Bahrain region.

Two Centers

That means lower latency for MongoDB database users in the MENA region and lower latency means more responsive applications for your customers and users. That in turn means happier users. Being able to run anywhere is a core tenet of MongoDB's philosophy; we know if we run anywhere and everywhere, everyone gets their results quicker.

Atlas in AWS Bahrain also means customers can create regulatory compliant clusters for personal information. Bahrain has data protection laws, the PDPL with a scope that is similar to that of the GDPR. With MongoDB Atlas available in the region, companies in Bahrain can confidently use Atlas MongoDB Clusters, knowing their data will stay in the country.

In total, there are now 66 regions where you can locate your MongoDB clusters. That includes 28 regions on Azure, 18 regions on AWS. The world is at your fingertips with MongoDB Atlas.