How to Experience MongoDB 4.2 Beta on Atlas

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB 4.2

Here's your chance to learn about MongoDB 4.2 the easy way - by getting to use it on the MongoDB Atlas service.

As announced at MongoDB World 2019, MongoDB 4.2 is on the way and bringing with it some experience changing features such as Wildcard Indexes, On-Demand Materialized Views, Expressive Updates and a whole range of new aggregation stages and operators. It's part of a whole assembly of new products and updates which you can read about in the MongoDB 4.2: Guide to What’s New white paper.

Now, we're offering you the chance to spend some time with the MongoDB 4.2 Beta on Atlas. That means no local setup or configuration, just select MongoDB 4.2 Beta when you create an Atlas M10 cluster or larger and start checking out the new features.

Selecting MongoDB 4.2 Beta

As the screenshot says this is a beta release and is not meant for production use, even if the new features are too good to miss out on.

The Atlas MongoDB 4.2 Beta is not available on our M0 free tier or smaller M2 and M5 clusters. To enable everyone to get on board, there's a coupon code MONGODB4DOT2 which when applied to your Atlas account will give $200 Atlas credits to use on your beta testing journey. If you don't have an Atlas account, there's never been a better time to sign up and learn about it.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be looking at all the capabilities of MongoDB 4.2. You can already read about Wildcard Indexes in our Coming In… blog series. Get onboard with the MongoDB 4.2 Beta and follow along.

In August, MongoDB University will be starting their first MongoDB 4.2 course. Make sure you don't miss out on M042 - New Features and Tools in MongoDB 4.2 by registering today. It's a free course, and don't forget to check out all the other free MongoDB University courses while you are there.