Getting Started With MongoDB Atlas for Cloud Manager Users



Jay Gordon is a Technical Account Manager with MongoDB and is available via our chat to discuss MongoDB Cloud Products at

MongoDB recently released our new Database as a Service (DBaaS) platform known as Atlas. MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale your MongoDB deployments in the cloud. From high availability to scalability, security to disaster recovery – we’ve got you covered.

As a Cloud Manager user, you may want to reduce your operational overhead and move to Atlas. No longer will you need to manage server hardware or your cloud instances. You only need to select your requirements from the Atlas configuration and begin working. Authentication configuration, SSL encryption as well as monitoring and backups are all managed by MongoDB.

The very first step in this process for existing Cloud Manager users is signing up for a new group. Navigate your browser to and log in with your normal credentials, once you’ve done this you should return to your deployment page:

Next step, we’ll click “Settings” and then “My Groups” on the left side of the page, we’ll find our existing Cloud Manager groups:

As you see on the right side, there’s a green “Add Group” button. Go ahead and select this, you’ll be given options now to begin creating your MongoDB Atlas Group or another Cloud Manager Group. Today we’re going to work with Atlas. Click the “MongoDB Atlas" option:

Our buddy the Automation Robot will begin the process of setting up your new Atlas group in a few seconds! Once the Automation Robot is done you’ve now entered Atlas! Welcome to your new Clusters Page:

To start building your Atlas clusters, click the green button that says “Build a New Cluster.” If you have a promotional or coupon code, you can apply it by entering it in the bottom of the payment details form under “Coupon or Activation Code”. Click save at the bottom of the screen and you’re ready to start building something GIANT using MongoDB Atlas!