Free Daily Snapshot Backups Added To M2/M5 MongoDB Atlas Clusters

Leo Zheng


We are pleased to announce that all users of M2 and M5 tier MongoDB Atlas clusters will now benefit from automatic daily snapshot backups. The new automatic backup option has been added for all users at no additional cost.

This gives users of the 2GB and 5GB storage options the security of knowing that there are eight days of snapshots being retained, ready for restoration onto a replica set of M2 or larger or downloading for archival purposes. The M2/M5 tier of entry level shared clusters cost only $9 and $25 per month and are ideal for businesses looking to move their existing workloads to MongoDB Atlas. Now, they also ensure an effective backup strategy is in place.

Regular and daily

Cluster backups begin exactly 24 hours after the creation of a M2/M5 cluster and the snapshot will continue to be taken at that time every day. Be aware that this backup option is not optional and cannot be disabled.

The snapshots are created on a secondary node to minimize the impact on performance. Once up and running, the snapshots are then accessible from the MongoDB Atlas web front end; just go to the Clusters view and click on the Backup tab.

If you want precise control of when backups are taken, we recommend moving up to an M10 or larger cluster where policy-controlled continuous backups and cloud provider snapshots are available.

You can find out more about M2/M5 cluster snapshots in the backup documentation for MongoDB Atlas.