Atlas Compute Auto-Scaling and Data Infrastructure as Code at MongoDB.local London

Leo Zheng

#MongoDB Atlas

This week at our MongoDB.local London event, we unveiled a number of new features for MongoDB Atlas — the global cloud database service — that will make it even easier for you to deploy and scale your fully managed MongoDB clusters.

Expanding Auto-Scale

For a while now, Atlas has allowed you to use storage auto-scaling. This feature automatically adds more storage capacity when the system detects that you’ve used up 90% of what you’ve provisioned. Atlas also simplifies cluster size scaling events by allowing you to execute them in the GUI or with an API call. However — at least until this week — you still had to decide whether you needed to scale.

Atlas auto-scale now takes more off your plate with more features that automate capacity management. When enabled, compute auto-scale will automatically scale your cluster up or down a size by:

  1. Closely monitoring key resource utilization metrics such as CPU/RAM

  2. Automatically triggering scaling events using predicting modeling and heuristics developed from optimizing tens of thousands of MongoDB deployments.

Compute auto-scaling will be available in public beta for all dedicated Atlas clusters (M10 and larger) in the next few days.

Data Infrastructure as Code

MongoDB Atlas Open Service Broker

Do you deploy and manage your applications using Kubernetes? The new Atlas Open Service Broker makes it easy to deploy, configure, and manage your Atlas clusters as code from your Kubernetes control plane, allowing you to consolidate everything you need to do with regards to application and data infrastructure to one place.

The Atlas Open Service Broker supports all the resources available with the Atlas API and is available via the Kubernetes Service Catalog and the Pivotal Marketplace.

Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider

Do you use Terraform to deliver infrastructure as code? With the new Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider, you can now create, manage, and update your fully managed Atlas clusters through your preferred IaaS software tool. The Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider currently supports the following resources: database users, project IP whitelisting, clusters, cloud provider snapshots, network peering, and encryption at rest. Learn more here.

Compliance & Geographic Coverage

MongoDB Atlas undergoes independent verification of platform security, privacy, and compliance controls. Our focus on standards conformance and compliance help you meet your regulatory and policy objectives.

  • Atlas has been independently validated as a PCI DSS certified service provider.

  • Atlas is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is a globally recognized standard mandating numerous controls for the establishment, maintenance, and certification of an information security management system (ISMS). It is part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of information security standards.

  • Atlas is now available in AWS Bahrain and Azure Dubai. These new regions in the Middle East bring the total number of Atlas regions to 66.

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