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MongoDB Atlas is built with distributed fault tolerance and automated data recovery. Join thousands of companies who rely on Atlas to power their mission-critical applications.

Always On

Your clusters are built for resilience with a minimum three-node replica set distributed across availability zones within a cloud region. Further protect yourself against regional and cloud outages with cross-region and cross-cloud failover.

Self-Healing Clusters

If a primary node becomes unavailable, MongoDB Atlas will automatically perform a failover in seconds, with no need for manual intervention. For additional fault tolerance, configure secondary nodes across multiple regions in the unlikely event of a total region outage.

Cross-Cloud Failover

Rare as they might be, disruptions can happen that impact an entire cloud platform. The severity varies, from temporary capacity constraints to outages that can affect multiple regions. Atlas allows you to be the last one standing with cross-cloud failover enabled by multi-cloud clusters.

Uptime Guarantee

All MongoDB Atlas clusters are highly available and backed by an industry-leading uptime SLA of 99.995% across all cloud providers.

Availability Status

Continuous Cloud Backup

Gain peace of mind for your business-critical applications with fully managed backups of your data. MongoDB Atlas offers incremental data recovery and consistent, cluster-wide snapshots of sharded clusters.

Automated Backups

Backup snapshots are taken and stored automatically according to your backup and retention policy, with direct attach restore to meet strict Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Point-in-Time Recovery

Record the oplog for a configured window, permitting a restore to any point in time within that window and satisfying Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) as low as 1 minute.

Cloud Data Mobility

Restore data across projects, regions, and teams to quickly spin up new environments and increase development velocity.

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