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MongoDB is second nature to us

MongoDB Professional gives you on-demand peace of mind. If anything ever goes wrong, the engineers who build MongoDB will help you resolve issues fast. We guarantee an initial response within 2 hrs for blocking issues, 24 x 365, anywhere around the world.

MongoDB Professional goes beyond just break/fix support. Tell us where you want your application to go. We’ll tell you how to get there and how to avoid bumps in the road. Ask us for advice at any stage of your application lifecycle – from initial design to scale out.


MongoDB’s open-source platform coupled with commercial support is extremely cost efficient, delivering a positive TCO impact.

We also assist you in instating the best practices we’ve learned from working with thousands of customers. We schedule regular check-ins, brief you on new features, help you tune your system, show you how to upgrade, and more. Below are a just a handful of scenarios where MongoDB Professional can help you optimize your deployment.

Issue ResolutionBeyond Break / Fix
Getting your system back up if it goes downCapacity planning
Fixing performance issuesSchema optimization
Replication failures or outagesMongoDB best practices
Integration troubleshootingSystem upgrades
… and much more… and much more
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Learn more about enterprise-grade support from MongoDB. Need advanced security, commercial licenses, platform certifications, and more? Check out MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.

Comprehensive MongoDB Management Platform: MongoDB Cloud Manager

MongoDB Professional gives you access to MongoDB Cloud Manager. Designed to run on any infrastructure, Cloud Manager is MongoDB management made easy.

Cloud Manager features include:

  • Monitoring. Cloud Manager lets you visualize over 100 performance metrics so that you can tune your database accordingly. It also allows you to set up custom alerts that trigger when metrics go out of range so you can discover performance issues before they affect your users.

  • Query Optimization. The Visual Query Profiler in Cloud Manager allows you to seamlessly identify and address slow-running queries. It also analyzes the data it collects to suggest new indexes to improve the performance of your deployment. Cloud Manager makes rolling out new indexes easier with automated index builds.

  • Automation. Automate operational tasks like provisioning new nodes, changing configurations across clusters, and performing zero-downtime rolling upgrades. Cloud Manager reduces human errors and makes you 10-20x more efficient at managing your MongoDB deployments, allowing you to save time and money.

  • Cloud Backups. Protect your business by protecting your data. An optional add-on service to Cloud Manager, our backup solution for MongoDB is the only solution that offers point-in-time recovery for replica sets and synchronized snapshots of sharded clusters. The first GB per replica set is free, then pay $30 / GB / year.

The Official GUI for MongoDB: MongoDB Compass

MongoDB Professional gives you access to MongoDB Compass, a GUI designed by the team that builds the database to make working with your MongoDB data intuitive, whether you’re a DBA, an enterprise architect, or developer. Compass is the fastest and easiest way to explore and optimize your database, with features such as:

  • Schema and data visualization to identify anomalies and extract quick insights

  • A visual editor that allows you to modify documents with confidence

  • Visual explain plans to diagnose how queries are running

  • Index utilization dashboards to optimize index usage across your collections.

  • A GUI for creating and modifying document validation rules to ensure data quality

  • Visualizations of real-time performance statistics, including server status and query performance

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