TechAspect is a global marketing technology agency specializing in commerce solutions and customer experience management (CEM). We draw on a broad range of expertise to develop digital ecosystems that are personalized, seamless and engaging--including designing business-critical websites that absolutely must perform reliably in write-intensive environments.

We implement MongoDB architectures for some of the world’s most widely used CMS platforms, such as Sitecore 8+ and AEM 6+. This integration experience translates directly to numerous strategic and operational benefits for our clients, including:

  • Dependable, data-rich transactions that help ensure unique, personalized user experiences and accurate, real-time analytics
  • Agility, scalability and stability to enhance growth and revenue-generating capabilities
  • Fast, responsive CMS performance, especially in high-traffic, write-intensive enterprises

Through a synergistic confluence of digital and technical capabilities, the TechAspect/MongoDB partnership itself also affords clients with several competitive advantages, including direct access to in-house resources and a greater ability to address and solve real-time business challenges.