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Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers

Easily query, analyze, and visualize Atlas data with SQL-based tools.
Power BI
JDBC & ODBC Drivers
Query and gather insight with Atlas SQL

Atlas SQL Interface

With MongoDB Atlas SQL Interface, you can leverage existing SQL knowledge and familiar tools to query and analyze Atlas data live. The Atlas SQL Interface uses mongosql, a SQL-92 compatible dialect that’s designed for the document model. It also leverages Atlas Data Federation functionality under-the-hood so you can query across Atlas clusters and cloud storage, like S3.
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Atlas SQL Connectors & Drivers

Atlas SQL Connectors & Drivers

Atlas SQL Connectors and Drivers allow you to easily connect your SQL-based business intelligence and analytics tools to Atlas, enabling you to find insights faster on live application data. Built by MongoDB, they provide a first-class querying experience of Atlas data through your preferred tool.

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Tableau Connector (Preview)

The Tableau Connector for MongoDB Atlas enables querying live Atlas data with access to native Tableau features, such as custom SQL, calculated columns and raw SQL pass through, and split columns.

PowerBI Connector (Coming Soon)

The PowerBI Connector for MongoDB Atlas will enable querying live Atlas data and access to native PowerBI features. Stay tuned for more updates!

ODBC Driver (Coming Soon)

Leverage the Atlas SQL ODBC driver to connect your other SQL-based tools that accept the Open Database Connectivity wire protocol.

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