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Business Intelligence Best Practices

Business Intelligence (BI) tools/applications that provide support for MongoDB should conform to the following Best Practices for certification against MongoDB Enterprise.


the best practices checklist and submit it with your application to expedite the certification process.

Please note that all certification categories require compliance with security best practices.



  • Application should provide users the ability to easily map JSON elements within documents to downstream data structures. Specifically, application should support the ability to unwind simple arrays or represent embedded documents using appropriate data relationships (e.g. one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many). For more information, refer to and
  • Application should infer schema information by examining a subset of documents within target collections.
  • Application should allow users to add fields to discovered data model that may not have been present within the subset of documents used for schema inference.



Applications that incorporate data aggregation as part of downstream data usage should leverage the MongoDB Aggregation Framework, where possible. For more information, refer to