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MongoDB Services Certification Program Application Process

The application process is self-serve. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, MongoDB will review the application, confirm your employee certifications and get back to you shortly.

For questions about the process or the Certification Program in general, please contact partnercertification@mongodb.com.

  1. Join the MongoDB Partner Program
  2. At least 5 of your employees must pass the MongoDB Professional Certification exam for your certification track (Development or Operations)
  3. Complete the MongoDB Services Certification Request Form below</a>
  4. Complete the Solutions Paper and send to MongoDB for review
  5. Once approved, provide MongoDB the following:
    • Official Logo
    • 500 character description of your organization, including area of expertise, industry focus
    • Link to certified solution landing page on partner website
  6. Add Solutions Paper to your website; Add MongoDB Certified Logo to your website.