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Modern applications require a modern data platform. Scalability to easily store and manage data at scale, reliability to ensure uninterrupted access to the data, and advanced controls to keep you and your customers secure. With MongoDB, your data platform is an enabler to your success. Leading technology companies all over the world are embedding MongoDB into their products to deliver new insights, lower TCO, improve customer experiences, and more. MongoDB provides complete platform independence – on-premises, hybrid cloud, or as a fully managed cloud service – with the freedom to move between each platform, enabling you to serve changing customer needs. MongoDB’s flexibility and ease of use enables your teams to iterate quickly, allowing you to enter the market faster with better solutions. With MongoDB, you compete better while saving time, money, and effort.

Specialized Support and Services

Direct, unlimited access to MongoDB engineers for guidance through every step of your product lifecycle, and backline support (L3) for customer escalations.

Commercial License

Commercial license, including warranty and indemnification, to meet the distribution needs of companies with policies precluding source available software licensing.

Advanced Security and Management

Fine grained security controls to keep you and your customer secure and compliant. Enterprise grade management tooling to simplify and automate operations.

Solution Validation

Deliver higher quality deployments and enhanced user experience by validating your solutions to ensure that you are leveraging our best practices and advanced capabilities.

Joint Marketing Opportunities

Work with MongoDB, Inc. on joint marketing and promotion activities such as executive events, conferences, campaigns, collateral development, and more.

Custom Packaging

We can customize subscription packages and offer volume discounts to align with your business model and go to market strategy.

What do we offer?

MongoDB Enterprise for OEM

Finely-tuned package of advanced software, support, commercial license, and other services designed to provide the best way to run MongoDB embedded in your on-premises offerings.

MongoDB Atlas for OEM

Cloud hosted MongoDB as a service to let you focus on delivering innovative products without the operational heavy lifting of database management. Available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

OEM Certification

Verify your solutions against our comprehensive set of best practices to get the most out of MongoDB and build trust with your customers. Certified OEM partners enjoy additional benefits.

Professional Services

Whether you need help with architecting the solution, developing it, or optimizing the deployment, MongoDB consulting engineers deliver expertise to drive you to success, faster.


Wide range of on-demand and classroom based training courses and hands-on labs for your development, operations, and data science teams to build expertise on MongoDB.

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OEM Partner Criteria

When you join the MongoDB Partner Program, your partner level determines the specific technical, sales, and marketing benefits you receive. Below are the requirements for each level for OEM partners.

OEM PartnerSeedAdvancedPremier
Embed with MongoDB Enterprise
OEM or reseller agreement in place
Joint customer with case study
Certified developer (1) and certified technology
Assigned partner manager
Assigned executive sponsor