Onepoint Consulting Ltd.

Onepoint Consulting Ltd is a service and consulting partner that is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Onepoint offers deep technology awareness, knowledge, and insights to help clients at every step of their digital journey. They have undertaken large-scale architecture and implementation programs in Travel and Telecom sector.

Onepoint helps client prove the value of their investments and accelerate technology innovation. They do so by offering free discovery workshops and as much as 50% co-funding on proof of concept (PoC) in MongoDB data-related projects.

Onepoint works with MongoDB to solve the following business problems:

  • Single View – Creating real-time views of your business that integrate all of siloed data
  • Internet of Things – 40 billion sensors. $19 trillion in revenue. One needs a database that scales as the data and performance needs grow
  • Mobile – Ship ground-breaking mobile apps in weeks, not months. Scale to millions of users. Powered by MongoDB.
  • Real-Time Analytics – Lightweight, low-latency analytics. Integrated into operational database allowing you to take corrective action, in real time, whether it be fraud detection or online advertising or preventing abandoned shopping carts
  • Personalized experience – Greet your customers like old friends so they’ll treat you like one, too

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