Exitas is an independent Belgian provider of ICT services, supplying organizations with the technology, the people and the processes to build the ICT infrastructure they envision.

Exitas has a focus and specializes in data management. For the last 15 years, Exitas has been the Belgian market leader for Databases Administration and continues to grow in both expertise as well as in solutions, enabling them to deliver projects with expertise and commitment. MongoDB is one of the key technologies Exitas uses to successfully complete projects.

Exitas consultants are passionate about data and invest time and effort in staying up to date with the technology on the one hand and the needs of the real world businesses on the other hand. Over the past years, Exitas expanded DBA services as their beating heart and added offerings depending on the needs of the market, such as Public and Private Cloud, Performance Tuning and Security Hardening.

Apart from expertise, Exitas is known for a high degree of flexibility and this shows in the offerings and related contracts; whether you need a full-time in-house DBA or just a phone number to call in case of emergency or just about anything in between.

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